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The Best Way To Start Crypto... SMART DCA!

What If You Could Buy Crypto For...


Here is...

The EFFORTLESS Way To Profit From Crypto

(Even if you don't like trading or
know nothing about Bitcoin)

...or miss out on the next crypto cycle

"They" got you. Again.

Bull trap after bear trap, you're losing your coins.

You try to time the market. They got you.

You spend MORE TIME in the market. They got you.

You exit the market for like a second, and ALL coin prices MOON. They got you.

Ever felt like you're being played!?

The Clueless Beginner
The Busy Entrepreneur
The Worried Invertor

If you feel like this, you're NOT ALONE!

Because In Crypto, You Can't
Just Hold And Hope...

You Want To SAVE Money Too!

You KNOW crypto can change the world. You KNOW it's a matter of time prices skyrocket.
You KNOW there's gold at the END of the Bitcoin RAINBOW.

Yet no matter what you do, you feel like missing out. They're playing you again.

Who Are "They" Anyway?

...Maybe the CRYPTO WHALES are always outsmarting you. 

...Maybe your LIFESTYLE leaves you no time to buy the dip.

... Maybe you do make GOOD decisions, but you pull back because of EMOTIONS

Ergo, crypto investing is HARD.

chart table

But What If It Were Easy?

CryptoSignalen All-In-One

Hello! I'm Tom Peetoom

5-Year Day Trader | 11-Year Broker Consultant | BSc in Economics

I've been trading from The Netherlands since the first online brokerage came out in 1999.

And I'm going to prove to you that...

You don't need to be
an expert to WIN
BIG in crypto!

Now, I know this may shock you, but the BEST way to BUY CRYPTO has nothing to do with complex charts or endless pattern analysis.

It comes down to the SIMPLEST investment strategy that ANYONE can do as soon as RIGHT NOW!


Make Effortless Profits With The


On certain dates, once a specific pattern occurs...

Your Favorite Coins Will be available To Buy At the BEST Price POSSIBLE!

(So you can Sell Them Way Higher Later!)

(That means you can STOP HODLing and start DOLLAR-COST AVERAGING with this new Smart DCA Model)

And when you do…

You're going to make FAR. BETTER. PROFITS.

Market Price
  • Buy Crypto At FIRE-SALE Prices That Hodlers Always Miss Out
  • Know When To BUY THE DIP While Everyone Screams "Recession"
  • STOP Wasting Hours Reading Sideways Charts
  • Watch Your Portfolio GROW NON-STOP While Doing Absolutely NOTHING

...In short. Smart DCA is the model that automatically makes the best buys at the right time and pattern... so you DON'T have to!

What Is The Difference Between The


Imagine you buy Bitcoin for $100 every month for the past 2 years: $2400 in 24 trades.

This would be your average price compared to the Smart DCA Model:

Smart DCA gives you a bigger selling window than simple DCA (44% vs 21% below the latest price).

How does that work?

Easy. You don't need to buy every month. Instead, you only buy when the model shows a good pattern.

In this case, we invested the exact same amount as in DCA, but ONLY 25% during the 4 BEST buying opportunities in the past 2 years:

The result?


Not only Smart DCA gets you MORE profits, but it also earned more than simple DCA by investing LESS.

(This means, you have MORE TIME TO SELL at a profit, whereas with simple DCA you would be on the red most of the time.)

This is LOWER risk than in the normal DCA!

Would you rather get $1863 or $646 out from $2400? Now, imagine this investment times ten, at a 5-year scale, and after the Bitcoin halving and mass adoption:

  • Buy only in the best months. Earn more using less money
  • Enjoy lower risk than on Simple DCA. Never waste time reading charts
  • Increase your PROFITS to freely sell or hold without worry

It's time to ditch the simple DCA if you want to profit MORE with LOWER risks!

What Exactly Is It Like To Invest With the



Discover The Smart DCA Magic

If it sounds new to you, just know that Smart Dollar-Cost Averaging is...

A recurrent buying strategy
to Find the best timing
and price patterns

(That means that you only check the markets monthly.
As long as the time and pattern is right, you keep buying)

Why Smart DCA
Equals Profits

If you buy and hold, you MISS out on better prices. But if you wait for better opportunities, you may LOSE money on market traps.

IF you use the Smart DCA Model, you get BOTH better prices AND opportunities:

  • Choose BLUE-CHIP COINS like Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Break down your BUY amount into smaller orders by FREQUENCY or dates
  • On speciffic Patterns, Buy The SAME Amount REGARDLESS Of Prices
  • On speciffic Dates, Buy The SAME Amount REGARDLESS Of Prices
  • Take Profits ANYTIME As Soon As Prices Are ABOVE Your Average Price

The DIFFERENCE between Simple and Smart DCA... is that you only Dollar-Cost Average at certain dates once the right PRICE PATTERN is met. So you never have to feel like you're buying for too high.

And you get a FULL crash-course on the patterns and how it works when you buy the Smart DCA Model.


Create Your DCA Strategy

Here's the dilemma all crypto investors face:

"Do I buy RIGHT NOW at the RISK it goes DOWN?"
"Or do I wait and MISS OUT when it goes UP?"

Smart DCA Does BOTH!

Bitcoin charts

My Smart DCA Model tells you EXACTLY when a price is GOOD or not.

FIRST, it helps you find your BUYING OPPORTUNITY when the Bitcoin price goes BELOW AVERAGE.

After buying, you check market prices every month. Once you see the right patterns and time, BUY again. If the pattern doesn't happen in your DCA day, don't.

So when you stop doubting the price and trust patterns and dates shown on Smart DCA....

You Always
Buy Below
The Market!

(On Average)

You'll know the target price at all times when you buy the Smart DCA model.


Let Smart DCA Do The Work

Once you're READY to buy, once you know how MUCH and how OFTEN...

It's time to turn the boring DCA into SMART DCA!

(That means you can put your account on
autopilot and make money while you sleep!)

So you can STOP chasing the markets, STOP worrying about prices, and STOP missing good prices!

"I don't know what prices are going to do..."

"I don't have time to watch charts all day..."

"I don't want the risk of buying too high..."

Problem SOLVED!

bitcoin server

In about two minutes, every last day of the month, you check the Buy conditions. Only if they do, you buy the same fixed amount in your currency of choice ($, €, £...).

With the SMART DCA model, you KNOW your portfolio will GROW, even if you do NOTHING or FORGET about crypto for years. And when you're back, it will feel like you found a old wallet with Bitcoin from 2016.


Profit And Repeat!

Do you realize the boundless price potential of
leading cryptocurrencies (and their BIG
role in the future of finance)?

If so, make sure you don't miss out!

Which is why so MANY investors choose to Smart DCA instead of holding or simple-DCAing.

And as soon as prices go above your average, you're FREE to take PROFITS ANYTIME!


PROFITS that you can use to:

  • Cash out and celebrate your SALE
  • Accumulate coins that you dont' want to sell (yet)
  • Earn interest REWARDS for doing NOTHING
  • BUY BACK in the next bear cycle
  • Or keep reinvesting as long as it's PROFITABLE

Here's what others say about Smart DCA...


“From the 10th of April to the 13th of May, I was screwed… Now, I’ve been profitable again since I started with CryptoSignalen. Tom has the right skills!”


“Tom’s forecasts are sound and well explained. I’ve actually seen him be correct more often than not. Impressive.”


“CryptoSignalen is the group that I like the most. Everything readable to the greatest layman. Using their signals is simple, and it takes a few minutes to join their channel after payment.”

What's So Special About The


Smart DCA Mode

Invest Smart

Bypass all MARKET TRAPS with the SMART DCA MODEL. DCA the best coins and waste NO TIME on charts. Don't just work hard, work SMART.

Set And Forget

SMART DCA works from any exchange so you never have to watch prices or visit the platform. Like clockwork, it will buy the SAME amount every week.

Reduce Your Risk

SMART DCA not only reduces risk but the amount you can actually LOSE. So even then, it will be so little that you can STOP worrying about it.

When you get the Smart DCA program, you will discover:

  • The Smart DCA Model Step-by-step With The right patterns and dates (even for the worst markets)
  • The algorithm to discover your ENTRY OPPORTUNITY (even if you know nothing about trading)
  • The DCA AUTOMATION Guide (So You Never Worry About Prices Again)
  • The Best EXIT Strategy (so you don't lose your Profits like Holders do)
  • How to make the most out of the Next Bitcoin Cycle

From here, you're just a few clicks away from getting the SMART DCA Model, so you can STOP worrying about crypto markets and START making consistent PROFITS that you will actually KEEP.

CryptoSignalen All-In-One


Tom Peetoom

Are you ready to recession-proof
your crypto portfolio with the

Smart DCA Program?