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One Step Ahead Of The Crypto Markets

Never miss prime trading time. Outperform Bitcoin and Ethereum with TA Daily signals. Then do it over and over!

Want To Get 1 Year Of My Best

Accurate. Profitable. Automatic.

Fear of missing out the next Bitcoin cycle? CryptoSignalen brings three powerful tools to put you ahead of the crypto markets. The question is, which one works BEST for you?

Smart DCA

Trading isn't your thing? Imagine if you could buy at the best price ONLY spending a few minutes a month. WITHOUT reading charts or stressing about the news. If that's your favorite strategy, this is for you.

Bitcoin + Ethereum
Monthly Signals

Whether you buy Top10s or meme coins, BTC+ETH signals give you the keys to the kingdom. Follow these leaders, and you'll
know what 90% of the market will do.


Want to get the best of Cryptosignalen with a crazy PROFIT Guarantee? No program offers as much value as All-In-One. Enjoy priority support, LIVE 1:1 coaching, Insider's Group Q&As, and more.

CryptoSignalen All-In-One

Experienced Trader and Cryptocurrency EXPERT

Tom is a very experienced trader and developer. He started to develop an interest in trading at the age of 15. When he obtained his BSc. In Economics, he started his career in the Dealing Room of the first internet brokerage in The Netherlands. During this time he specialized further in Technical Analyses and Quantitative Trading. 

In 1999 he licensed his first fully automated trading system for trading index futures to a financial institution. During the beginning of the millennium Tom worked for 5 years as a professional Day Trader. Then he joined forces with a large market maker to create stock and ETF arbitrage strategies.

A year later he joined an asset management company as licensed investment advisor and in 2009 he became an independent trader and strategy consultant. The last 11 year Tom worked as consultant to large brokers and asset managers and traded his own account. During his career Tom wrote articles for and was cited in renowned media brands like Technische Analyse Magazine, IEX, NRC, Telegraaf, etc.. 

The Cryptosignalen System Has Outperformed One of the Hardest Crypto Markets We’ve Seen

Did you know? In the last 12 months from July 2021 to 2022, holders have lost money on the crypto markets. Bitcoin is down by -43% with a -73% risk. Ethereum is down by -42.2% with a -82,7% risk.

Did you also lose money this year? We didn't.

BTC System Results:
+132,1% PROFITS and -35% Risk

ETH System Results:
+125.5% PROFITS and -35.7% Risk

And here's how you can do it too!

How Does It Work?

My Five Rules for Consistent Trading Profits.

Zero Guesswork

I use math and statistical analysis to recognize trends for possible positions. No hype. Only numbers.

Anybody can make money. What happens when you don’t? Risk management is the expert’s open secret.

Minimal Risk

Long Term

This isn’t a pump-and-dump group. We play both short-term and long-term. So when you follow my signals, you play a rigged game. Either you profit now or you profit later.

If you want to beat the market by blindly following signals, you’re in the wrong place. You can’t be ahead of the herd if you think like the herd. That’s why I help you understand the market, so you can make the best decision.

Smart Investing

Result Oriented

If you want to max out profits, you’re in the right place. From buying the dip to selling the top, my signals will help you take positions at the best time possible.


The price for Bitcoin and Ethereum signals starts at €97. Once you join the select group, you get your first signals the same day. 

This IS for You If:

  • You’ve never traded before
  • You’re an experienced trader looking for diversification 
  • You don’t have time to follow the news and markets 24/7 
  • You’re new to crypto and want help from A-Z with clear guidance 
  • You get tired of all the indicators and news and need an objective long or short trend signal

This Is NOT for You If:

  • You’re looking for a guaranteed get-rich-quick service 
  • You think free signals and services are created to enrich you (and not the people giving them) 
  • You’re looking for investment advice. Please consult a registered investment advisor if you do. 
  • You believe that past returns are a guarantee for the future. Nobody can predict the future with certainty


“From the 10th of April to the 13th of May, I was screwed… Now, I’ve been profitable again since I started with CryptoSignalen. Tom has the right skills!”


“Tom’s forecasts are sound and well explained. I’ve actually seen him be correct more often than not. Impressive.”


“CryptoSignalen is the group that I like the most. Everything readable to the greatest layman. Using their signals is simple, and it takes a few minutes to join their channel after payment.”

Ready to Start?

Click the button below to be ahead of the herd now!


My “secret” is the hundreds of strategies I’ve tested to find the best one. Decades of market trading among insiders. So if you don’t have the experience, tools, nor the time for daily analysis, you might want to get some signals.

Our bot is agnostic of market circumstances. It can make money in all markets; up, down and
sideways. In general it performs best in up or down markets.

There is of course always risk involved. However, our bot is based on a trend following approach.
This means the losses per trade are very limited. Our focus it to be profitable in the long run.

Our model gives simple and clear trend directions and signals. We simply follow and execute the
signals. You can have the same approach as we do, or consult multiple sources. That’s up to you.

The minimum is $2500, but we recommend at least $5000 to start with.

The hard truth is, the market is deceptive. You can join now and see a whole lot of nothing the first month, depending on Bitcoin. But if you don’t join today, you may also lose the best entry of the year.

Gains that could take you months to achieve otherwise.

These spikes are always unexpected. So unless you want to spend weeks watching crypto and losing sleep, you should at least give these signals a chance. One big win is all you may need.